A white shirt is a fashionable constant. It fits and occasion or context. It inspires designers each season to present it on runways. And it is an inseparable part of any wardrobe. The classical design of a blouse is very similar to the men’s type of shirt: a sharp collar, a row of buttons, cuff buttons and chest pockets. A white shirt made of natural textile is an essential part of basic wardrobe. It can be handy for making up of various looks.

There are numerous ways of wearing a classical shirt. We would like to share a few hints.

  • Deliberate negligence has been a top fashionable trend for several years in a row. The way of wearing a shirt only partly tucked in is the favorite for the starts of street style chronicles. It is the most famous and easiest way to add a few fashion scores to your style. Yes, sometimes it is as simple as cuffing your pants and carelessly tucking your shirt in to get a completely different look.
  • As the spring approaches, one can afford cut-away shoulders. During this most romantic time of the year you can undo several top buttons of your shirt, pull the collar on one shoulder, and choose a model from our Contemporary collection, for example, Claudie a shirt with cut-awau shoulders, or Julie, a crepe de chine top. This will add sensuality and elegancy to your look.
  • Over the past few years elongated sleeves have become a favorite fashionable novelty not only for designers, but also for fashion adepts. This way, by continuing the idea of slight negligence, we advise to leave the cuffs unbuttoned creating the Pierrot effect. The image is somewhat dramatic, and therefore interesting.
  • The ribbon as a decorative element is currently the hottest new trend. Particularly this season. If possible, you can have more than one knot. This will greatly refresh your look. If you are slim and ready to show off your ideal figure, then the shirt can be worn as a crop top. And, if you are not yet ready to open your waist, a laconic knot at the bottom will do. You can try that out with our Celine tunic.

The white shirt is similar to a blank canvas. It helps to create almost any look acting as an ideal background even for the most complicated piece of clothes both in cut and design.