It was France that established the fashion fate of the white women’s shirt. For a long time, white color was not in fashion. It was opened to Europe by, among others, the famous French women – Marie-Louise of Austria, the second wife of Napoleon Bonaparte, and Countess Eugenie de Montijo, the wife of Napoleon III who selected white wedding dresses for their solemn wedding ceremonies. In the 19th century, the white was the color of aristocracy: such clothes quickly smutted and required frequent washing. Only the elite could afford this. For many years, the shirt remained an exclusive part of men’s clothes. One of the first women who ventured to take a fashion accessory from the stronger sex was Georges Sand, the bright, courageous, and free French woman wearing a shirt under a man’s suit. Finally, the white women’s shirt was recognized thanks to another famous French woman – Coco Chanel.

LA NEIGE Collection is a new unique project dedicated to restore the centuries-old traditions of the French fashion in the modern Russian dress. We were inspired by the wonderful history of the white women’s shirt and decided to take up the torch from our famous predecessors.

LA NEIGE Collection introduces a fashion range of white shirts for a new type of woman. The company carefully inherits the traditions of tailoring skills with a focus on the modern fashion trends. All the shirts are handmade; each item carries great love and creative vitality. We select only natural textiles such as cotton, linen, and silk and top-class accessories such as mother-of-pearl or bone horn.

All the shirts under LA NEIGE Collection brand are white. Hence is the brand name. “La Neige” (from the French word “snow”) is a beauty of simplicity that does not distract attention from the main thing.

LA NEIGE Collection is a return to traditions of the white women’s shirt, which from its very beginning was a sign of creative, strong, aristocratic, elegant, courageous, and bright women.