This year, the Forum and the Woman Who Matters Award will be held on November 26-27 in an online format

В этом году Форум и Премия Woman Who Matters пройдет 26-27 ноября в онлайн-формате


So, what awaits you on WWM’20:

Various formats: panel discussions, interviews, video panels, TED talks, master classes, mentoring rooms, < br /> debates.

Relevant topic:

  • Diversity (Best corporate practices in Diversity∧ Inclusion, Inclusive leadership, Woman in tech, etc.)
  • Lifestyle (Personal brand as a new tool for working with business, Couples: about harmony in the family and career. Cases of successful couples, Professional burnout:where to draw energy and inspiration, etc.)
  • Healthy lifestyle (Nutrition and nutrition, Longevity-strategy for successful longevity, Mental and psychological health, etc.) Access to Forum entries from three months to a year.

This year we have prepared an online lottery for our guests.

Every registered user can win a gift from our partners: @authenvcalove, @hcresort, @russequelle,, @vintagedream_com and more!

Ticket sales will be open until November 25.

You can purchase tickets:

  • via the profile header
  • on TimePad
  • on the website

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